The Sissy Slaves are Here!

Oh, baby, do I have a treat for you!

Sissy Slaves: The Book,’ is here!

This is is a wild romp. Lots of sex, lots of bizarre sex. Lots of kinky sex. Lots of…wait a minute! You didn’t want sex?

That’s okay. We also have a plot filled with rich characters, double crosses, and women totally bent on ruling the world. And I mean TOTALLY BENT!

In the town of The Forks, Amy buys a set of earrings at a garage sale, but the earrings aren’t your normal little danglies. They are a motor of testicles and man juice, and they super power a woman’s brain…while under powering a man’s brain!

Faster than lightening strikes the women start taking over the town. They use sexual deviance as a weapon. Feminization, BDSM, bank robbery…they take over city hall, pass their own laws: men must bow, men must walk three steps behind, men must do whatever…WHATEVER…a woman asks.

And the only person who cares is Amy! But what chance does she have when there is no way to take back the town, undo the effect of the earrings, and EVERY WOMAN IN TOWN IS TRYING TO STOP HER!

You think the women want to give up all that power? NOT A CHANCE!

Go on, take a trip to The Forks. Guaranteed, you’re going to want your own set of testicular powered, super sperm earrings!

Here’s our page…

Sissy Slaves: The Book

Or you can go directly to Amazon…

Sissy Slaves at Amazon!

BTW ~ check out the stories page and the collections page!

Me Bad! Me Bad!

Went the beach and floated. Should have worked, but it was more fun to float. BUT…when I came out of the water I noticed a bunch of guys looking at me. You know the type, stupid, horny grins.

I didn’t say anything to them, they were sort of smirky, but when I got to the blanket I found out why. Alyce had take a cell shot and showed it to me.

When I float I wear some sandals that are buoyant. They keep my feet up and I just lay there and my upper body has air in the lungs, so I can float for hours. Especially if the water is calm.

What Alyce’s cell showed was just my tits. Two big tits floating in the water. The rest of me was submerged. But my large boobs, they floated. So that’s what the guys were smirking at.

Sheesh, one would think they’d never seen a boob before. Well, next time I’ll talk to them, and turn them over to Alyce. Or maybe I’ll just take one home and feminize him. I LOVE making a pretty boy out of some stud. Gets me wet.

Anyway, we have lots of stuff coming out. Even though I went and floated, I worked hard enough to earn it. Check out our STORY page. And make sure you check out ‘A TOWN OF SISSY SLAVES!’

It’s the start of a big novel, and it’s really rocking’ and rollin’ now!

Okay. Joe says hi. Alyce says ‘shaddup!’ But she’s just kidding. Maybe. And I say…STAY HORNY!

Amazon Banned a Title!

Joe’s all upset, but I’m cool. Alyce just shakes her head in disgust and goes on about her business.

The title in question is ‘Making My Man into a Woman.’ Funny thing is they published, and we thought everything was hunky dory, and then we get a notice that the title is banned. If it made it through their editing process and their censors I would think it would be fine. Which leads us to think that somebody probably complained. And Amazon pays more attention to complaints than just about anything.

But that’s society these days. Don’t you dare even think about stepping on a toe.

Anyway, we have a great story, and instead of crying about it we’ll probably submit it to other sites. It’s already on our own site on the The Free Story Page. Just scroll down to the big BANNED statement.

Heh. I think it’s so cool…Joe changes a bad thing into an advertisement and a big plus.

Anyhoo, I’m taking the day off. Joe will probably turn on Fox News and start screaming at it. And Alyce will braid whips or read books on philosophy or do whatever she does when she’s bored.

And you, dear reader…STAY HORNY!

And check out the free Making My Man into a Woman!

Good morning!

My horny, little devils! So nice to talk to you again.

We’ve started jazzing up the covers, they needed it. Joe likes putting pretty faces on them, I like showing the body, cause that’s what we want, right? Kissing is fine, but when you get right down to it…give me the body!

And, we’ve been doing reprints, some of the older stories that are good but no longer get the Amazon push, we re-cover them, put in the latest ads, and zingo bingo, there you are.

If you do get one you’ve already bought, let us know. Joe will send you a freebie. I think I’ll ask Joe to put up a special page for reprints. I’ll let you know on that.

Now, the fun stuff, a new collection, A Chest Full of Surprises! You’ve got to get this one, it’s wild and wicked and just what the doctor ordered…before he went to Thailand and got a sex change!

And, a few more stories, check out the story page for those…

And, I guess that’s it, except of course, for Alyce cracking her whip at you. That girl, she really can’t help herself.


Hey, hey!

Gracie is in the room!

First, let me do the obligatory push.

Check out the the ‘stories’ page to see what’s new.


Have you ever watched bunnies do it?

I mean, they do the JACKHAMMER!

They are fast and frantic.

Now, here is where it gets funny.

I was over at Alyce’s Dungeon.

She uses a different name, sorry about that,

and she invited me in to watch her torment some sap.

Now, I like feminization.

She likes BDSM

So she’s spanking some guy on a split table,

and she gets her hand around his best friend,

and tells him that if can hump like a rabbit she’ll let him release.

Man, that guy about went crazy.

Alyce didn’t let him release, told him he was too slow.

And she kept doing this to him until I thought his prized possession was going to fall off.

And, though I don’t normally like this sort of stuff, it suddenly struck me as funny.

This guy going crazy, Alyce teasing him… I started to laugh.

Which sort of pissed Alyce off.

When she works she is pretty intense.

Anyway, she’s pissed, and she takes it out on him, but that’s another story.

I’m besties with Alyce, and she always gives me a free pass.

She knows I love her. (Not in that way…you slut mind!)

Anyway, that’s where I got the inspiration for


Anyway, the big secret is that Joe is dying for her to come back and write.

Her books are classic. They are perfect examples of BDSM,

They are creative and you really end up liking the characters.

That’s hard to do when you write BDSM.

But she says she’ll only come back if she gets to write heavier stuff. 

She says that’s where her heart is.

Ah, well. I don’t think they’ll ever get together.

Which doesn’t mean her dungeon isn’t a cool place to go hang. ;o)



Black Magic Feminization!

Hey, kids!

Gracie here. I’m pretty much taking over the blog so Joe can work on the website, and man, it there a lot of work to do. But you’re not here to hear about how that poor boy sweats in the dungeon, right?

The big issue is Black Magic Feminization. I have always loved writing about curses and witches and things. There’s something so sweet about good and evil and some poor sap caught on the rack of life and not knowing what is going on.

A lot of men are like that, you know? Heh.

We also have some new stories in the ‘two for one‘ section, and there are some reprints being done, so don’t get one of those by accident. BUT, if you do, write Joe and let him know ( He’ll give you (FREE) another story. He’s just that kind of guy.

Anyhoo, have a great summer and…STAY HORNY!


Grace here!

Clap your hands but don’t catch the clap! Right?

Got a couple of new stories and things.

First, we are reprinting a couple of old stories. These are ones, usually five star, so check the titles and make sure you aren’t buying something you already bought. (If you do make sure you write to Joe and complain. We’ll make it right.)

The reprinted stories are: Feminization is in my DNA, and Feminization Resources.

New stories are: THE GENDER TRANSFORMATION CLUB! Tommy loved Leslie, and when she took him to a very special club he thought he had it made. She gave him a pink pill, but when the changes started paradise threatened to become hell! Now there is only one way out for poor Tommy.

And: EMERGENCY TRANSITION! In ‘Emergency Transition’ OWEN goes in for a colonoscopy…and come out with a complete sex change. The hospital wants to be paid, his apartment has been rented, and his wallet has been stolen. Sometimes, however, all you need is one good friend.

That’s it kiddies! Track us down and have your way with us…we don’t care. (Well, we might actually like it, you know?)


Gracie here! Yea!

We released a couple of two for one stories.

The first one, Oops, is the story of a man who wakes up and has been feminized, and he doesn’t know what happened.

Don’t you love it? Who gave me these boobs and why?

I know a few men I’d like to do that to. Most men are cool, righteous Carriers of the Dick. But Then there are some that…well, I don’t want to go all Alyce on you, but they’d look good with butt stripes. Or a smack on the right cheek that is so hard it shows up on the left cheek. You know?

Anyway, I really liked that story, and once the doofus finds out what happened he is forced to come to grips with certain things. Like, does he try to live like a girl? Can he live like a girl? All fun stuff, you know.

And, that said, what’s so darned hard about living like a girl? I live as one all the time! It’s easy!

Maybe I should try to live as a man, then I’d understand.

Anyway,check out the two for one stories, we renamed the collections page as ‘Deals, so check it out and see if there’s any new collections since last you wiz with us.

Joe says hi, Alyce cracks her whip at you, and I say…STAY HORNY!


What Happened to Alyce?

I get people asking me that every once in a while…what happened to Alyce Thorndyke? She writes such wicked books…whatever happened to Alyce?

The answer is simple, she’s making more money as a dominatrix than she ever could as an erotic writer.

Now, don’t ask, she works under another name, and she’s out there on the net, but Joe refuses to let her give that name on this site, or associate her current activities with her books.

Why is Joe an old stick in the mud? Now that’s an interesting story.

Joe is a big teddybear. A lovable gruff. BUT, he absolutely draws the line at certain things.

For instance, have you noticed that in the books and stories we never say ‘Jesus Christ?’ We say ‘Heysoos,’ or ‘Heysoos Xristo,’ or some other clever, little thing, like Heysoos fucked a duck, or whatever.

The reason we do that is Joe does not take The Lord’s Name in vain. He doesn’t go to much church, but he reads a lot, and he’s religious in his own way, and, well, that’s where he draws the line.

We can say fuck, and get detailed about various sexual activities, even really kinky and bizarre things, but…there’s the line. And ‘The Line,’ in this case, includes BDSM. We can write about it, but we can’t actively promote.

Man, that’s a fine line, but I understand it. And it doesn’t bother us. I should say ‘me.’ It’s sort of fun to make up things around the ‘Heysoos’ thing. But…now you know something about the way we do things, and what happened to Alyce.

And, did you know Joe has done a massive amount of work bringing the ‘archive’ up to date. Now you can find ALL of your books, stories, two for one’s, omnibuses, and whatever. Just go to the archive to find out what you might have missed.

And, zippedy do dah, we have a couple of new stories out this week!

In THE ULTIMATE EROTIC FANTASY a guy finally gets what he wants, and…oh, baby! Have you ever heard of too much of a good thing?

In THE CHURCH OF FEMINIZATION a young man comes to accept a whole new set of beliefs, complete with certain physical changes.

And, we are coming out with another collection pretty soon. I tell ya, those collections are cool. You save money, even over the Kindle versions of our stories, and you can even start your own real paperback library.

So, that’s it for now, got to go tinkle. More than you wanted to know? Heh.


I Hate Bullies!

They’re just mean, and who needs them, right? So I wrote a quickie, with a small price if you’re pinching a penny. Here’s the write up…

TOMMY is a horn dog, with a horn dog’s mind. He puts a roofie in Sherry’s drink and thinks he’s going to get away with something.

SHERRY sees Tommy drop the pill into her drink, and she decides to drop a pill of her own in his drink.

NOW TOMMY has to figure out how to get back to being a man. The solution turns out to be worse than turning into a girl! Is Tommy stuck being a girl forever? (And is that bad?)

Click here to purchase…Horn Dog Comeuppance!

Also, another collection is out…


Stories of feminization, transformation and submission!

MY HUSBAND THE GIRL ~ Johnny gets skunked, then finds out he has the wrong suitcase! Now he is dressing like a girl, and the neighbor is starting to notice!

SATAN’S PANTIES ~ Tom puts on a pair of panties, and a demon named KING MOORE possesses him. Tom’s wife, Ally, must free her husband, and kill King Moore. But can she rescue him from the grip of the panties?

THE PICTURE OF FEMIAN GREY ~ Derrick brings home a painting of himself as a woman. What he doesn’t know is the painting was done by Femian Grey, and he is about to experience unbelievable transformation!

MY MOTHER’S PANTIES ~ Kyle’s mother dies and he goes to live with his aunt. Kyle discovers his mother’s clothes, and his aunt tells him the truth about his mother. Then Kyle discovers a truth about himself!

THE LADIES’ SISSY SOCIETY ~ Jack has a low sperm count. He’s got to increase it, but if he has an orgasm his heart won’t be able to handle it. What he doesn’t know is that The Ladies’ Sissy Society is behind it all!

That’s it for this week, time to take a break, maybe sit out by the pool and let your boyfriend rub your feet. Heh heh!